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Legend High School Internship Experience Program is designed to give students the chance to explore careers of interest prior to leaving high school and entering the career field or pursuing post secondary education in that area. The program enables students to extend their learning beyond the school. It offers an opportunity for students to apply their high school knowledge and skills to a career exploration in an area of personal interest.  Students will understand the dynamics of the career while receiving first hand experience with the job requirements.  Students will have the opportunity to learn from and network with professionals in the field. This will be an invaluable learning experience that will help them get one step closer to their ultimate career goals.  


Program Objectives


Upon completion of the program, students will become more: 


  • Self-directed, self-reliant, and confident learners

  • Creative thinkers and problem solvers 

  • Responsible citizens 

  • Effective communicators 

  • Collaborative workers 

  • Knowledgeable about careers and their own career interests

  • Be able to evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses

  • Acquire information to make wise academic and employment decisions.

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